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Hours of Operation:
Open EVERY DAY from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  You will notice that our hours expand later in the season.  Our hours and days of operation are strictly adhered to. Please refer to the home page or the schedule page for a full 2015 schedule.



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How To Find Us

We are located about a 5 minute drive north of the Kelowna Airport in Lake Country (also known as Winfield).  We are located at the junction of Hill Road and Main Street, which is just behind the A&W restaurant on highway 97.  If you are heading North on highway 97 in Lake Country, the A&W will be on your right on the corner of Hill Road and Hwy 97.  Once you've turned right onto Hill, it's less than one block to the intersection of Hill and Main.  You should see the signs at the top of our drive at that point.  You will not see a house or anything else until you come down the driveway.  The whole property is well below the level of Main Street.  On-site handicapped parking only. Everyone else is asked to park on Main Street or the Hill Road area. You can drop your passengers and then return to park if necessary.  The driveway is steep and narrow and has a blind curve in the top and you might encounter pedestriens and oncoming traffic.  Use extreme caution.  No smoking.  No alcohol. No dogs in the animal enclosures.  But don't leave your dog in your vehicle if it's warm out!  Walk it on a leash on the property outside the animal pens or tie it up in the shade.


Admission:  This is not a "free" farm.  It's a "by donation" farm.  The minimum suggested donation is $5 per person 5 years old and up.  Most people find plenty of things to amuse them here for between 1 to 2 hours (some people stay all day) so that's a pretty good deal.  How many venues offer the opportunity to pet or hold a baby kangaroo?  For less than it costs to buy a grande mocha at starbucks?  We are trying to operate our farm on the honour system so if you could come as close as possible to the suggested minimum, we would be very grateful.  There is a donation box in the main entry way as you go into the kangaroo pen.  It's on the right hand side of the door as you go in.  We gratefully accept cash or checks.  Donations are collected on the honor system.  There is another box on the right hand side of the gate as you leave the animal pen behind the residence on the property.  If you can't find a donation box, ask one of the guides to help you.  They can also make change for you.  To those people who have already donated, Thank You!  Your donations go toward covering the considerable cost of employee wages (we don't have volunteers), liability insurance, driveway improvements, additional fencing, gates, signage, buildings, porta potties and associated supplies, hand-wash stations, etc and so on.  Your donations have nothing to do with the welfare of the animals.  You can rest assured that the animals have always been well cared for and always will be, regardless.  We do expect that groups and organizations such as schools and daycares etc that have budgets for out-trips pay a $5 per person entry fee.  Their payments should be given to a staff member in return for a receipt.  It's a little sad when everyone associated with a commercial group gets paid except for us :)  To those groups that have contributed, Thank You!      




There is public seating available for picnics and self-catered birthday parties.   There is no extra charge to hold a birthday party at Kangaroo Creek Farm but we would appreciate it if everyone who attends honours the $5 minimum donation per person for entry to the farm.  Please tidy up after yourself and please don't let your kids pick or trample the flowers.  We are having a bit of a problem with parents socializing on the lawn and sending their kids into the animal pens unaccompanied.  This is not acceptable.  I shouldn't have to leave my work to search the property for a 2 year olds parents!  Birthday parties need to be cleaned up and gone by closing.  There are bathroom facilities behind the house (porta potty).  While the ground is a bit uneven in places, most of the property is wheelchair accessible.


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Consider This Before You Visit:  Kangaroo Creek Farm is....a farm.  Farms present many potential hazards such as animals, fur, dirt, uneven ground, and too many others to list comprehensively.  It is not a sterile environment, and animals are not machines.  Kangaroo Creek Farm and its operators cannot and will not accept any liability for loss or injury should you choose to visit.  Please leave your dog at home and absolutely no smoking.  A carelessly discarded cigerette butt can make an animal seriously ill or start a fire.  Please be considerate, police your own children and use common sense.  Abusive behavior to animals or staff will not be tolerated and we reserve the right to ask anyone to leave at any time.  Thanks.

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